Refrigeration Controls

The modern refrigeration controls systems in use today require knowledgeable and experienced technicians to install and service them. Let our team of experts install your system so you know it’s done correctly and will last for years. We can design a system for you or install any system you provide.


We can connect your refrigeration controls to your local store network for outside access and interrogation. Alarms can be sent out via e-mail or text. Monitoring can be provided by one of our third-party partners.


Refrigeration control systems must always be operating at peak performance to ensure efficiency and proper operation. Regularly scheduled maintenance can ensure your system is operating correctly and efficiently. You can contact us by phone or email for all of your control repair needs.

HVAC Controls

Supermarkets need proper cooling, heating, and ventilation to make the environment comfortable for customers and employees. Beyond human comfort and efficiency, proper HVAC control are essential to the operation of your refrigeration equipment.

Our complete range of automatic temperature control systems provides an all-encompassing solution to all HVAC applications.

Automated HVAC Controls

Manual temperature control systems can be found in many older buildings or in non-critical operations that don’t require many changes but it is still not optimal for maintaining operating costs within a budget.

If you are looking for energy-efficiency and complete control, automated HVAC control is the best solution for you because it offers the ability to:

  • Maintain an optimal climate using little energy as possible
  • Maintain optimal levels of air quality indoors
  • Set schedules for automatic adjustments in areas not in use
  • Isolate maintenance problems and trouble areas
  • Keep an eye on system performance


Let’s talk about lighting. While it may seem

The key to proper lighting implementation in any building design is efficiency. Electricity is one of the costliest resources a building consumes next to HVAC. For that reason, it is important to manage how lighting is used to keep energy waste at a minimum.

Refrigerant Leak Detection and Door Alarms

Refrigerant leak detection systems come in several combinations from very sensitive infrared multi-zone systems to more economical single zone systems. The cost of refrigeration and fines for excessive refrigerant releases can more than make up for the cost of these systems. Keep your employees and customers safe from inhalation hazards. We can also provide leak detection warning devices as well as signage to leave area where refrigerant has been detected. Let us design a complete refrigerant leak detection to fit your needs and budget.

Walk-in cooler/freezer doors being left open are just like leaving the refrigerator door open at home. Leaving doors open for extended periods of time increases demand on refrigeration equipment, can lead to maintenance issues, and wastes energy. We can install a door alarm unit that can be tied into the refrigeration control system to monitor, control, and track to times the doors are being left open. These units also have a audible alarm that can be adjusted to alarm after a certain amount of open time.